GRE coordinates and in-depth investigation of a property in order to fully evaluate the retail development potential identify any existing adverse conditions and create a risk mitigation strategy based on the intranet intended plan such investigations include the coordination of customary physical inspections such as title reports, surveys,environmental reports and testing, soil reports and traffic studies, as well as an analysis of the land-use issues impacting the subject pop property and the contemplated development, including a summary of the processes to obtain necessary governmental approvals and a strategy concerning same.


GRE coordinates the drafting of conceptual site plan is for a contemplated project designed to maximize value while minimizing the clients capital investment and overall risk. The design of such conceptual site plan is based upon applicable land-use regulations and any instruments and packing the subject property, as well as the then current site and building configurations preferred by national retailers.


GRE create financial models for clients which include a development cost summary, rent analysis and investment analysis for contemplated projects, as well as any other financial modeling a client may require in order to fully evaluate a project and meet its financial objectives. 


GRE creates a customized marketing strategy for each project design to effectively expose and introduce the subject project to prospective tenants pic, media outlets and the overall market place. In addition to creating and distributing necessary printed electronic collateral materials, GRE utilizes it's extensive network of the tenant representation brokers and relationships the national retailers in order to properly identify insecure tenants for a project based on the clients use, Risk and financial objectives.


GRE works with the client and their legal counsel to coordinate every aspect of the knee go she Asian process necessary to secure a lease agreements for a project based on the clients desire terms. Prior to the drafting and negotiating of lease documents, GRE develops and negotiates detailed non-binding letter of intent forms with which summarize the salient business terms of a proposed transaction in order to reduce the amount of time and costs incurred by the client to effectuate definitive lease transactions.


GRE coordinates all aspects of procedures necessary to secure a governmental approvals for the development of a project in accordance with the clients final building plans, such as zoning and land-use approvals, civil inside terms of building permits.


GRE coordinates and oversees all aspects of can of any construction activities necessary to effectively and if efficiently develop a project in accordance with the clients final building plans such services include the building and the selection of project consultants, such as the architect, general contractor and civil engineer; construction scheduling and draw processing; in the coordination of any procedures necessary to deliver tenant spaces and close out construction activities.


Through our affiliation with stream capital partners, a property advisory firm that has completed over 1.5 billion in transactions, GRE has the ability to expose stabilize projects to propriety database of over 75,000 private and institutional buyers, as well as market properties utilizing a proven platform. GRE works closely with the property owner to identify qualified buyers and negotiate sale terms in order to unlock the full value of completed projects.